When the Music Stopped by Elizabeth Ogilvie

Miss Ogilvie wrote wonderful fiction set in Maine usually on an Island off the coast and centered around the lobstering community. She lived on a 33 acre farm on Gay’s Island, Maine. I have read just about all her books. Her first was published in 1940. She wrote more than 40 novels, 13 of which were young adult novels. Of all these books she only wrote one mystery/suspense! What a loss for mystery lovers everywhere as she did a superb job! Complex plot, great characters, and quite a shocking ending. Not to mention the gorgeous setting in Maine. 

Of course this book is out of print. It will be well worth your time to look for a copy though! Published in 1989. 326 pages.

From the dust jacket:

‘When novelist Eden Winter emerges from completing her latest fictional adventure, she finds life around her has changed. The usually tranquil coastal community of Job’s Harbor is all abuzz over the return of the elderly Esmond sisters. Old timers breathlessly recount how, sixty years ago, Marianne, a brilliant young pianist, eloped with the scoundrel Guy Rigby. Guy, a married man and a respected banker, cleaned out the vault when he left, ruining many local families. Now widowed, Marianne has come home to Job’s Harbor with her violinist sister to retire.
As the ancient scandal is revived, the old hostilities are rekindled and gossip spreads like wildfire. Meanwhile, the wealthy sisters arrival also sparks considerable interest among their prospective heirs, who immediately vie to ingratiate themselves.
Small wonder, then, that when the sisters inaugurate weekly musical gatherings at their elegant estate, attendance and emotions run high. Eden herself, ever observant writer, finds the two talented and sophisticated ladies utterly charming, and the scene and cast of characters fascinates her. Here too Eden first encounters the darkly intriguing Nick Raintree, a handsome newcomer who seems bent on unsettling her longtime but perhaps too comfortable hometown romance.
Suddenly violence erupts and Eden finds herself caught up in a real life mystery more chilling than any plot she could have devised. Drawn deeper and deeper into a web of deceptive appearances, she follows a twisting and perilous trail to a shattering conclusion’

This book can be purchased at Abe’s Books    at Thrift Books    at Amazon
at Alibris

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Peggy Ann

10 thoughts on “When the Music Stopped by Elizabeth Ogilvie

  1. Yes, she had a long career. 1993 her last book was published, the 3rd in a series beginning in Scotland at the time of the clearances and ending in Maine. She was working on a 4th book in the series about Jennie Gilroy before she died.


  2. Got some questions for the pro.
    Heard of the author Amanda Summer?
    She's also known as Amanda Bear 08 and her book is called SUMAR SUMANDO.


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