The Sholes Key by Clarissa Draper

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Amazon book description:
All across London, single mothers are vanishing. Margaret Hill, mother of two, walks out of her house and is never seen again. A month later, Carrie-Anne Morgans takes her two-year-old son for a walk in the park and disappears, leaving him alone in his stroller. Lorna McCauley leaves her London flat in the early hours of the morning to buy medicine for her sick child and does not return.
Newly-promoted Detective Inspector Theophilus (Theo) Blackwell is assigned the case of Lorna McCauley, that at first seems to be a simple case of mid-life crisis and child abandonment.
Elsewhere in London, MI5 analyst, Sophia Evans, is working undercover to catch an animal rights group responsible for targeted bombings. As her case (and her personal life) fall to pieces, she receives a strange envelope in the mail. It contains a picture of Lorna McCauley’s lifeless face along with a daunting code.
Now the police and MI5 are forced to work together to stop the murders, and Sophia must find her way into the terrifying mind of a serial killer.

This first book in the Evans and Blackwell series is written by Clarissa Draper, born and raised in Canada. Now living in the sun in Mexico!

I really liked this book! It kept calling me back to it until I finished it. It is well written and has great meaty characters. On one hand we have Theo the detective and a serial killer he is desperately trying to find, not to mention the personal stuff Theo is dealing with. And then we have the spy and espionage aspect with the beautiful reluctant spy, a code breaker asked to step up and be a field operative and then the two storylines intersect! Look out! Well plotted, great characters, just plain good storytelling. Just enough sexual tension between the lead characters. I am waiting for the second book to be released, soon I hope Clarissa! and keep writing on that third one girl!

Clarissa has a page – Sholes Key Code – on her blog. Check out her blog here and follow her on Twitter and Goodreads!

Trivia question: Why is it called the Sholes Key code? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

This book report qualifies for the Canadian Book Challenge @ The Book Mine Set and is linked to Crime Fiction Alphabet @ Mysteries in Paradise. Stop by both of these sites and look around for excellent reading suggestions and great blogs to follow!
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10 thoughts on “The Sholes Key by Clarissa Draper

  1. I can't believe you did two posts this time. I can barely do one every week. And two very interesting ones. Since this is a Canadian author I will get it and read it for the Canadian challenge. The book I featured for the S post is also by a Canadian author.


  2. I did not, Clarissa. I discovered the key on your site too late to really. But I did not take the time away from reading to mess with the code. When is the second one coming out?


  3. Peggy – Oh, you chose what I think is a very good book! Clarissa Draper has so much talent at keeping the suspense going and getting readers to care about the characters. So often that 'human touch' is not strong enough in thrillers but it is here. Thanks for profiling this one.


  4. Ooh, thanks for 2 nice links in Peggy Ann – a great start to this month's Books You Loved. If you pop back in a few days, hopefully, there will be a nice collection of books to look at. Cheers


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