A Straggler Arrives

One last Elisabeth Ogilvie book arrived in the mail Friday from the order I posted about earlier this week. This one is set in Scotland and sounds very intriguing! Can’t wait to get started!

‘The Silent Ones’   1981
“Alison Barbour, scholarly author of such erudite works as Folklore in Fact, Legend and the Human Psyche, leads a double life. Off-duty from her academic pursuits she writes sexy thrillers as ‘Mariana Grange.’ Though kept a careful secret from everybody, Mariana brings in healthy royalty checks.

With five months left of a leave of absence from teaching, and Mariana dollars in her bank account, Alison, her parents now dead, decides to go in search of her roots. Her clue is a photograph of a great-grandma whom she closely resembles. The identification on the back reads: ‘Christina MacLeod. Born in eighteen hundred and forty-nine, at Torsaig, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.’

So it’s off to the Hebrides where Alison expects nothing more than relaxation, a chance to explore and to meet, perhaps, the descendants of people who might have known the red-haired Christina. But fog-shrouded, rainy Lewis has more than the mysterious Standing Stones at Callanish to offer visitors. Evil doings have been swept in from across the sea.

Before her departure from the States, Alison has been told about the Book of St. Neacal, by a seventh-century Celtic monk. The book, a treasure trove of word-of-mouth histories and legends, disappeared along about the eleventh century. Its monetary value is almost as extraordinary as its historical worth. More than one person is seeking the Book. The trail has led to Lewis and stirred up violence, associated and unassociated, in which Alison becomes enmeshed.

The finale is as chilling a finish as Elisabeth Ogilvie has ever conjured up to tingle her readers’ spines.”

This book is falling apart though! The description said good condition, but when it came and I opened it a large section fell out in my hands! The glue has given way from the binding. Should I send it back? It was only .01* plus the shipping and handling. Maybe it’s time to give a try at book repair! I’m off to research this idea and see if I can get book binding glue! Wish me luck!

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