Reconditioning Old Cast Iron Cookware!

I came across this great tutorial the other day via Pinterest! They show you how to step by step recondition old cast iron cookware. It looks really easy! Now I can go ahead and grab that old grimy skillet or pot I see at a flea market and not be worried that I’d never get it clean.

Black Iron Blog is all about caring for and cooking with cast iron cookware.  Check it out here!

I am just really getting use to using cast iron as my mom recently gave me her trusted old skillet. I am really enjoying it and would love to add more to my arsenal. This summer I will be scaling the flea markets and second hand shops for a real bargain!

Check out the history of cast iron cookware here and here is what Martha Stewart has to say about it.

Here are a couple of good sites to check out for recipes for cooking in cast iron
Cast Iron Skillet Recipes (be sure to scroll down!)
Cooking in Cast Iron
Apricot Pecan Cinnamon Rolls (with variations!)

On another note while we’re in the kitchen…

I spent two days last week organizing recipes that have piled up. I seem to collect them like corners collect dust bunnies! It’s been on my to-do list for, well, forever. I’m always printing one off the internet and tearing them out of magazines, (why do waiting rooms have to have them laying there!) and I seem to have piles everywhere now. I saw this post on organizing your recipes quite sometime ago over at Mel’s Kitchen and have been going to follow her lead all winter. I’m happy to say I finally got it done! I did not go out and buy ‘pretty’ notebooks, just used what I had here. No fancy labels or covers, but they are neat and orderly! My daughter-in-law will be proud of me! I won’t have to call her anymore and say remember that recipe I gave you for…I need it again because I can’t find mine. Her recipes are so neat and organized:)
Here is the link to Mel’s Kitchen Tip: Organizing My Recipes and she also has a great post on Menu Planning 101 with great print outs for us! I use a lot of Mel’s recipes!

My handywork:

I think I sleep better at night now! Next up organizing our photos on the computer, argh!

This post is linked to Beth Fish Read’s Weekend Cooking!

Happy cooking!

Peggy Ann


14 thoughts on “Reconditioning Old Cast Iron Cookware!

  1. Well done you with organising your recipes. I have a huge go at this once or twice a year. I have numbered all my notebook pages and have a document with an index by ingredient as well – which makes finding a recipe much easier. Cheers


  2. I haven't gotten into the cast iron yet–mostly because I'm not sure where I would store my pan (and my husband things it would be out all the time but we already have too many things out all the time). I am really tempted by those cute little cookie ones, though!


  3. I have a cast-iron skillet and a large, cast-iron covered pot that's good for cooking spaghetti sauce and soup. I need to organize my recipes too, but that's probably going to be a retirement project (15 years from now!)


  4. Trish, I understand not having room to put stuff. My new cast iron dutch oven sits on the shelf above the washer and dryer because I have no where else to put it!


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