Moxie – Official Soft Drink of Maine!

Moxie is a carbonated beverage that was first introduced in 1876 as a nerve tonic. Although the drink was invented in Lowell Massachusetts, it has long been associated with the state of Maine as its inventor is from Union, Maine.

In 2005 Maine adopted it as its state soft drink. Not a sweet beverage, but bitter due to the ingredient Gentian Root, thought to be medicinal. With the invention of Coca Cola, Moxie fell out of favor, but is still popular in New England. Probably due to the excellent marketing as a Maine treasure! They have a lot of fun with it in the state of Maine as you can see…

Maine Things to do

Check out Moxie’s official website

Matthew’s Museum of Maine Heritage

Books about Moxie

even a song about Moxie!

Let’s toast to the great state of Maine!
A wicked good drink from a wicked good place to be!


One thought on “Moxie – Official Soft Drink of Maine!

  1. I've never heard of Moxie but it sounds like it has a similar place in Maine society as Irn Bru has in Scotland. I think one of the Top Cat/Boss Cat characters was called Moxie.


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