Monday’s Muddle

A muddle is a miscellany, an unorganized mixture of various dissimilar items or elements.

I found THIS absolutely cool sculptor over @ Bibliophile By the Sea, Thanks, Diane! He has one in Scotland, K! And Philadelphia, J!

Meet a Russian artist who paints on BOOKS!

One of my friends was just diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease. Here’s a great article on prevention tips and symptoms. P.S. she did not have the telltale bulls-eye mark. You don’t always get it. HMM…

A great site for Vintage Series Books for Girls and Boys! Came across this great tip @ Letters From a Hill Farm. Thanks Nan!

Want to watch TV online from other countries? Tunnelbear is for you! I love it and use it all the time. You can use it on your desktop and your mobile device. Right now they have Canada, UK, Germany and the US available and are working on another tunnel to be added soon. It is a VPN application (Virtual Private Network). There are 3 different data plans including a free one. Right now there is a BIG SALE on until July 4th they are offering the unlimited year plan for 33% off. I have that plan. Surf the net worldwide simply and privately. It also has an obliterate program that is free. It stops trackers and cookies etc. and keeps you safe while you surf.

Here’s a good article on surfing the internet invisible and safe.

Here’s a simple good treat recipe! Kiss Pies

And a little out of the ordinary salad recipe for summer picnics… Corn and Chickpea Fiesta Salad

And saving the best for last…

A book domino chain of 2,131 library discards and donations, breaking the world record!

 Have a happy safe Fourth of July!

Peggy Ann

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Muddle

  1. I've saved the page with the corn and chick pea salad as I love the sound of that. I had to Google cilantro though and would probably leave that out as I've never seen that anywhere.


  2. Thanks for the tip about the tree artist. Jack and I visited a lot of gardens and arboretums in and around Philadelphia last year, but we didn't get to Morris. If this heat and humidity ever let up, we'll make sure that's at the top of our list. Swarthmore is just outside of Philly, too.

    The corn and chickpea salad is very similar to what we're eating tonight (black beans, white kidney beans, cucumber, red bell pepper, onion, cilantro, and dressing)! I've printed the recipe because I love chickpeas and corn. Who says vegans don't eat tasty stuff?!


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