Back Story by Robert B. Parker

‘Renaissance man Spenser – he of the acerbic social commentary, the gourmet cookery, and the steely abs – turns his considerable talents to the unraveling of a 28-year-old murder mystery. During a 1974 holdup in a Boston bank by a revolutionary group calling itself the Dread Scott Brigade, Emily Gordon, a visitor cashing traveler’s checks, is shot and killed. Despite security-camera photos and a letter from the group claiming responsibility, nobody saw who shot her, and the perpetrators have remained at large for three decades. Enter Paul Giacomin, the closest thing to Spenser’s son. When Paul’s friend Daryl Gordon, Emily’s daughter, decides she needs closure regarding her mother’s death, she turns to Spenser, who must reach past the lack of clues and missing FBI report to seek the truth.’

Just finished this audio book. My first Robert B. Parker. This seems to be the year for new authors for me! Of course I saw the old TV show with Robert Urich years ago, but never got around to reading one of the books. My car now has a CD player, Yea! I grabbed this at the last library book sale just to have something to read in the car. I was surprised that I really enjoyed it! It was narrated by Joe Mantegna from Criminal Minds. He is Spencer to me now! They should re-do the TV show with him as the lead. 

There was more foul language than I usually read, but not enough to ‘spoil’ it for me. The characters more than made up for it. I especially liked Hawk, the hood who ended up being Spencer’s right hand man and friend. A complex who dunnit with a satisfying finish. I think this was the first time Sheriff Jesse Stone from Paradise was introduced too! He later got his own series of books and TV show. 

Peggy Ann

2 thoughts on “Back Story by Robert B. Parker

  1. I'm not crazy about Robert Parker's books, but I love all the detailed descriptions of places in and around Boston and Cambridge. Because I used to live there, I know exactly where some of the places are. Makes me so homesick!

    I know I've told this story before, but I don't think to you. When we lived on Beacon Hill and I was a runner, I ran around a corner and almost ran onto a set while they were shooting Spenser for Hire at the firehouse where he lived in the show. Someone grabbed me before I ruined the shoot. How embarrassing!

    It's always fun to find a new author to enjoy.


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