Saturday Snapshots

Snapshots from vacation over the years in Maine…

The Northwoods area, Moosehead Lake…

 Acadia National Park

Lobster boat at work
Sebago Lake, where we stay


Portland Docks
Portland Head Lighthouse

You can see more Saturday Snapshots @ West Metro Mommy Reads!


39 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots

  1. We have been to Maine twice and both times the trip was amazing. We didn't make it to Acadia, but we did visit Portland Head Lighthouse (I remember because I drew it while we were there.) Look at that sky in those photos. So beautiful.


  2. Wonderful pix, Peggy. LOVE that moose!

    I also love Maine though I've only ever been there once, many years ago. We stayed in Kennebunkport in a beautifully quaint bed and breakfast on a small inlet. It was absolute perfection.

    We also stopped in Vermont and New Hampshire and took a whale scouting tour – though no whales ever breached, we did see the tip of a fin. I loved being out on the water regardless.

    I must say though that my husband and my daughter were not as thrilled with the weather as I was. I love the cool summer – they wanted to swim but it was too chilly. I was in seventh heaven. My kind of summer.


  3. What an absolutely beautiful area. I'd so love to see a moose too. I lived in Canada for 2 years and never saw one…. Perhaps I need to go to Maine instead? Bonus lobster….


  4. Acadia is paradise! If you ever get to go don't forget the lonely little part of it up further north at Winter Harbor, Schoodic Point its called. We stayed a week in a cottage there and it was lovely!


  5. This female moose we caught up with on a boat trip we took on Moosehead lake. We sat and watched her eat for quite awhile. They are beautiful! Stick their heads underwater and pull up vegetation and slowly chomp on it. Reminds me of our Labrador Retrievers! They put their whole heads under to look for things and have the big loose moose lips!


  6. Yvette, I want to retire there but my husband isn't enamored with the weather either. He wants a southern beach and warm! He did swim at Orchard Beach and I sat in a lounge all covered up! But there's nothing like the atmosphere in Maine!


  7. My husband eats himself silly with lobster each time we go. I'm amazed he hasn't grown claws yet! And he always brings some home in a cooler. At $3.99 or $4.99 a lb. you can't go wrong.


  8. I heard somewhere that deer have learned how to deal with ticks (grooming??) but not moose. They do seem to be traveling north where it is colder. NH has invested all this advertising stuff into moose – we even have what is called a 'moose plate.' I saw in the paper there is still a moose hunt this year so it can't be a dire problem yet.


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