Deed Without a Name by Dorothy Bowers


Originally published in 1940
Republished by Rue Morgue Press in 2005
Book 3 in a series of 5
featuring Scotland Yard Inspector Dan Pardoe

Back cover:
The Victim knew the identity of his potential murderer but the clues he left behind were too obscure even for Inspector Dan Pardoe of Scotland Yard.
  Three times young Archy Mitfold escaped murderous attacks. Knowing the identity of his would-be killer and anticipating further attempts, he contrived to leave behind clues that would lead Scotland yard to his killer’s door-step. Of course Archy thought himself clever enough to avoid actually being murdered and assumed these clues – mostly bird sketches – would never actually be needed. Archy was wrong.
  Unfortunately for Inspector Dan Pardoe and Sergeant Tommy Salt, Archy’s clues were so obscure that they defied interpretation. World War II was only weeks old and it looked like Archy’s brief flirtation with the pro-Nazi Nordic Bond might be behind his murder. Anti-German feelings were at their height during this ‘phony war’ period as Londoners blacked out their windows to German bombers that were months away from attacking. On the other hand, Archy’s death also seemed somehow connected to the disappearance of a camera-shy British philanthropist. It will take all of Pardoe’s celebrated ingenuity to nab the killer.’

Very ingenious complex plot! Good police work, solid characters. Two mysteries in one. It certainly was not the culprit I thought it was! Hint: if your a bird lover you might be able to figure this one out!

Check out this great review over @ Pretty Sinister Books
and find out about this author, who’s life was cut way too short by tuberculosis, HERE

Peggy Ann


11 thoughts on “Deed Without a Name by Dorothy Bowers

  1. The cover looked so familiar that I was sure I had this book. Searched but couldn't find it and then realized it's been sitting on my Amazon Wish List. Maybe it's time to buy it?


  2. I came here to comment on your review of this book, which reminds me that I have one book by this author, that I need to read. In this series, an earlier one I think.

    And you have a new blog design. Very nice. Did you always have the links to the recipes up there? Regardless, I just noticed them and some look very good and tempting. The Italian Wedding soup sounds great but too much work for this weekend. I think I will try the Spicy Tuscan soup.


  3. I read this recently and was less impressed than you were. I did enjoy the setting and the writing but the limited suspect pool was a real weakness. I do want to read Bower's other mysteries.


  4. Thanks for the link, Peggy Ann. I liked this one, too. If you can find a copy of FEAR AND MISS BETONY (or FEAR FOR MISS BETONY) I recommend reading that one. So much better than this one as a fair play mystery — no clues related to an obscure bird,for one — and the added bonus of a sinister fortune teller in the plot.


  5. Ron, it was a limited suspect pool. I guess my mind went in one direction and didn't really leave room for the other. (trying not to give away anything!) I do have 2 more of her books to read we'll see if they are any better!


  6. Your welcome, John! I do have Fear and Miss Betony too! Looking forward to reading it soon. you know I did think about the name of the bird leading to the name of the person and did look around online a little for info on the bird but didn't see anything useful. Guess it would have helped to have an ornithologist for a pal!


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