Saturday Snapshots

I live in the mailing jurisdiction of the city of Beaver Falls, in Beaver County. I drive by our post office many times a week and have gone in those front doors many, many times. Just the other day I noticed at the top of those wonderful old lights on the front of the building sits a beaver! So much for my powers of observation! I’ve always admired this plain old post office built in 1937 with funds from the New Deal.


Inside is another little treasure. A mural ‘The Armistice Letter’ painted by Eugene Higgins in 1938 and funded by New Deal Agencies: Treasury of the Fine Arts

Here’s a link to the New Deal Art RegistryThe New Deal Art Registry enlists art sleuths around the country to collaborate in compiling a reliable, web-based, visual guide to surviving public art that was created in the 1930s and 40s under any of the New Deal programs. A fun look around the history of our country in this period thru art!

Who knew I had this lovely piece of American history right here in my backyard! Walked into it many times and never even thought about the history of it. Lesson learned: Slow down and look around, never know what you might be missing!

A quote I love from Ann Voskamp:
‘Hurry always empties the soul’

This post is linked to Saturday Snapshot which originates @ At Home With Books. For the summer Melinda @ West Metro Mommy Reads is hosting this fun meme. Click on Saturday Snapshot link to add your photo or see what everyone else is sharing!

Peggy Ann


26 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots

  1. Great reminder, Peggy for all of us to slow down and smell the roses 🙂
    Roosevelt's New Deal was a fascintaing period in your history – I didn't realise public art was part of that scheme as well.


  2. Your welcome Leslie. I didn't know about this really until I was trying to find the year the post office was built and came across it. Now I will keep my eye out for this art as we travel around!


  3. I love those beavers, too. I guess I'm no more observant than you are because one of the two places listed for Philadelphia is the post office I have to go to to pick up packages if the postman misses me. I've never noticed the painting that's supposed to be there. Now, instead of cursing missing the postman, I'll look forward to picking up the next package!


  4. What a great post, we can make a trip to the post office interesting if we try…. I'm sure every trip there now will be better for you now, you'll be checking on those beavers, and having a quick look at that painting. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the ordinary, that is one of my favourite things to do.


  5. I'm fascinated by this. I'm going to have to take my camera and get photos of these. I looked up the ones on the list in my area and many are in post offices. I can only wonder how many didn't survive — we are so obsessed with tearing down the old and constructing new stuff.


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