From Out the Vasty Deep by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes

‘D’you mean you actually saw what you took to be a ghost?” “I did see a ghost, ma’am; not a doubt of it She walked up and down that room in there, wringing her hands all the time — I’d heard the expression, ma’am, but I’d never seen anyone do it.’

“Twasn’t till today that one of the village people, the woman at the general shop and post office, let on that Wyndfell Hall was well known to be a ghosty place.’

First published in 1920 as From the Vasty Deep and published as From Out the Vasty Deep in 1921

This is a classic tale of astral-projection, seances, and the supernatural among British high society. Apart from the annoying name of one the lead characters, Bubbles- my goodness what a name!, this was a jolly good romp thru a haunted English manor house! Two dead wives and hot on the trail of landing another wealthy one, Lionel Varick is an all round good guy. Seems no one can say a word against him. But the ghosts that seem to follow him around don’t seem to happy! It’s the Christmas holiday and an odd assortment of people have been invited. On the first night Bubbles suggests a seance. She seems to have ‘the gift’. Well, that stirs up the nest and a great storyline begins! There is romance, mystery and ghosts, what more could you ask for?

You can get this free in ebook format here if your interested and read another review of it @ Valli’s Book Den.

Peggy Ann


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