Pure Michigan, Lake that is!

The clearest cleanest water. And so blue!

Sunsets were fantastic!

Spent most mornings doing this…

Digging for Petoskey Stones!
We got a couple bags full. Only a few really good ones worth polishing. It is quite addictive! Next year we will be more prepared with spray bottles and buckets and much better shovels! It was like mining. They can be hard to spot dry so you have to have water to put on them to show the corals. Click HERE to find out what in the world they are!

sister-in-law gets a prize for digging the deepest hole!

Cute video about the stone!

my haul of stones!

Gorgeous clouds!

After working up a sweat digging it was time for a dip and believe me the water was a little chilly! Look closely at nephew and you’ll see! The temp ran about 72*. Too chilly for me! I waded but only got IN once to my waist.

Michigan is one of my favorite places to visit. I could be happy the rest of my life being able to walk along this lake and look for stones everyday! Did I mention the pie?! Cherry pie! Fresh made with fresh Michigan cherries! Dave stopped at the House of Pies on the way into town and bought me a still warm from the oven cherry pie! And whitefish,mmm! Great Lakes whitefish is delicious! We had it twice. Go HERE to read about whitefish. A record whitefish was caught in Lake Michigan in July! If you go to Michigan you have to have a fish dinner!

Here’s a link to the 7 Wonders of Michigan. The video above was a submission to this contest, alas he didn’t get chosen but all the places on this list are amazing. You must plan a trip to Michigan!

Watch for installment 2 on this trip! Too many photos to share for one post. Might make loading the post slow for you with too many. Up next the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore and pics of hubby and nephew climbing the humungous sand dune they aren’t suppose to be on! Tahquamenon Falls, Mighty Mac, a very long suspension bridge, and Lake Superior.

This post is linked to Saturday Snapshot which originates @ At Home With Books. For the summer Melinda @ West Metro Mommy Reads is hosting this fun meme. Click on Saturday Snapshot link to add your photo or see what everyone else is sharing!

Until next time,
Peggy Ann


24 thoughts on “Pure Michigan, Lake that is!

  1. I would love to know where in Michigan you took these photos – the UP has been on my want-to-visit list for a long time. We often travel cross-country during the summer but are usually headed out west to visit family and don't have time for such a long detour. However, last summer, we sampled Lake Michigan with a stop at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore which we loved!

    Looks like a fabulous vacation – thanks for sharing!


    Book By Book


  2. Looks like you had a great time, I'm loving the photos!

    My sister and her family have a cabin on Lake Michigan and it's a great place to be. I remember going boating there with my mom and dad as a kid.


  3. We stayed in Harbor Springs, right next to Petoskey, Sue. This group of pics were at Petoskey State Park. We spent most of our time right there. We've made several trips out west over the years. There is so much to do and see across the country!


  4. Thanks for stopping over Ginx! We live 2 hrs. from Lake Erie and it is nothing like Lake Michigan! The sand is more like dirt and the water isn't clear. Michigan is the best of the great lakes I think! And you get the stones as an added bonus!


  5. My husband and I annually drive past Michigan on the way to Newfoundland where my family lives. I love sand and always enjoy a good meal of fish. My husband enjoys cherry pie and recently started collecting rocks. Maybe one day Michigan will have to be a side trip.


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