Saturday Snapshots

Camping @ Greenbrier River Trail in West Virginia
My husband likes to ride bike on these long trails! He did the C&O Canal Towpath a few years ago. It runs from Cumberland MD. to Washington D.C. 185 miles long. Took him 4 days and 3 nights. This was a weekend trip and he just camped for the weekend and rode on the trail each day, but didn’t ‘do’ the whole trail. Another day. Who knows maybe he can talk his wife into joining him:) Mmmm, probably not!
Our pop-up camper
camp right on the river! Who brought the s’mores?

He’s as basic as you can get. Just a place to lay your head.

West Virginia

The Greenbrier River Trail, 78 mile long rail trail, traverses one of the most remote areas in the state and lies adjacent to the Monongahela National Forest, Seneca State Forest and Watoga State Park. A trip along the trail is truly a “Wild and Wonderful” experience. 

Check out Greenbrier River Trail HERE

Check out a short video of a father and son’s trip on the trail HERE  It is beautiful scenery! Maybe he could talk me into next year?

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15 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots

  1. Joan, it is nice to be in the woods and sleep there! I love the campfire at night and just watching it burn. Although I am a little spoiled now and don't really like the pop-up. No bathroom:(


  2. Martha, he goes a lot by himself. I'm not into rustic anymore either! We went from tent to pull behind, to motor home, back to pull behind and then pop-up. I prefer the condo's we stay in most of the time!


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