North Sea Requiem by A.D. Scott

4th in the Highland Gazette Series

  ‘When a small-town Scottish woman discovers a severed leg in the boot of one of the local hockey players’ uniforms, it’s a big scoop for the Highland Gazette. But reporter Joanne Ross wants a front-page story of her own, and she hopes to find it in Mae Bell, an American jazz singer whose husband disappeared in an aircraft accident five years ago and who is searching the Highlands for her husband’s colleagues.
Things take a very sinister turn when Nurse Urquhart, who discovered the limb, suffers a hideous and brutal attack. Even stranger, she was the recipient of letters warning her to keep her nose out of someone’s business — letters that Mae Bell and the staff of the Highland Gazette also received. What could it all mean?
  Unfolding against a gorgeously rendered late 1950s Scottish countryside, North Sea Requiem captures the mores and issues of another era, especially in Joanne Ross — a woman wrestling with divorce, career, and a boss who wants to be more than just her superior. The result is a poignant, often haunting mix of violence, loss, and redemption in a narrative full of unnerving plot twists and unforgettable characters.’

Two great mysteries running side by side eventually dove tailing into a very satisfying read! Looks like Joanne is finally going to have a wonderful romance, maybe even Hector has a little romance coming his way:) Rob is in for quite a life changing event. Will the American jazz singer story Joanne is working on put her life in mortal danger? You’ll have to read it to find out! Plenty of red herrings and atmosphere. Don’t miss this one! It is a great read as a stand alone but it’s much better if you start with the first in this wonderful series!

Peggy Ann


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