Two New Book Reports

After I read this I found out it is the second book in the Everett Hitch Trilogy. Appaloosa, the first book, was made into a movie. I’ll have to look that up.

This is the tale of two gun-men. But they aren’t like your average gun-men, they have high morals and integrity. Hitch went to West Point and is quite well read. Virgil was a lawman at one time.

Hitch takes a job in the new town of Resolution working for Amos Wolfson as a lookout at the Blackfoot Saloon. Wolfson owns the store, the hotel, pretty much most of the town. Eamon O’Malley owns the coppermine and a saloon across the street. Stark owns the lumber mill. Wolfson wants it all. The local ranchers owe their souls to his ‘company’ store and he is taking their land in payment for their debts. O’Malley brings in 2 gunmen of his own as he wants the whole town for himself too. There is no law and order in this town yet. As tensions build Virgil Cole, Hitches friend, arrives and stays to help Hitch. As Wolfson gets greedier and greedier he asks the men to do things they don’t believe are right. So we have the feud between O’Malley and Wolfson, and Wolfson and the ranchers. Oh and some Shoshoni Indians have escaped from the reservation! Lots of action in this western! I did enjoy it although it did have a lot of swearing which I don’t really like but my library doesn’t have a really good selection of audio books so what’s a girl to do?

The second book I finished is a cosy comfy read…

This lovely small book came all the way from Scotland to my mailbox! Thank you Katrina! I adore it! It’s a small old, old book and I love the feel of it in my hands and the smell of it as I read. O. Douglas (Anna Buchan) books are always sweet, feel good reads and I always enjoy them immensely. This one was a little different as it really is Anna Buchan’s autobiography thinly veiled as a piece of fiction. In this book she is Ann, the main character, who lives at ‘Dreams’, her lovely comfy home, with her old mother and two servants. One that has been with the family since she was a child. She spends evenings listening to her Mother’s tales of her life and reminiscing about her life growing up and writing it down to make a journal of her mother’s life. I loved it!

Check out Katrina’s review of it Here
and Here is another great review I came across of it the other day.

If you have yet to read an O. Douglas you really should! There are several free in digital form available online. Penny Plain is a wonderful one to start with!

One thought on “Two New Book Reports

  1. Peggy Ann – Ann and Her Mother sounds like the sort of book that should be added to Books Yu Loved for others to find out about. How about it?

    Carole from Carole's Chatter


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