Saturday Snapshots

Found this on my front porch this morning! Creepy and quite large!

The belly part seemed to be moving. Don’t know if it was its lungs breathing or its full of babies? If babies, hope it goes somewhere else to have them!

This post is linked to Saturday Snapshots @West Metro Mommy Reads. Stop over and see what everyone else has shared today or share a pic yourself!

Peggy Ann

22 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots

  1. This is a nice shot. You need to embrace the praying mantis, especially this year. Here in Ohio we have so many stink bugs that I think the praying mantises are having a field day eating them. Even if it is babies, I don't think they stick around together. You rarely see more than one.


  2. If they eat stink bugs then it can have all the babies it wants right here on my porch, Paulita! You know we had a ton of stink bugs earlier and now I hardly see any. Hmmm maybe it is the praying mantis!


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