Monday’s Muddle

A muddle is a miscellany, an unorganized mixture of various dissimilar items or elements.

Vintage mugshots from 1870’s England

Funniest auto-corrects fails

50 scariest books of all time
p.s. Did you know author Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son?

Veterans march on Memorials October 13

Curtains made from Scarves! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for interesting scarves at thrift shops now!

A forgotten author, Elizabeth Madox Roberts

Community Soup Nights!

A book that sounds worth reading!

Take a relaxing ride on Helldiver Pond and watch this beautiful Male Moose!

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Muddle

  1. Katrina,Moose are browsers rather than grazers. They obtain most of their food from aquatic and marsh plants such as horsetails and pondweed. Moose also eat grass, lichen, plants growing on the forest floor, peeled-off bark and leaves stripped with their bottom lip from willows, sallows and poplars. Moose, like other deer, are ruminants (“chew their cud”). They have a four-chambered stomach and their digestive systems contain micro-organisms that break down vegetation.


  2. Tracy I have only read 1984 and that was required in highschool. I have read Edgar Allan Poe as a teen too. I was never much into reading horror but I have seen the movies to a lot of these books. Most interesting to me that I AM going to read is The Wasp Factory and The Heart Shaped Box.


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