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Okay folks, I’m trying my hand at setting up a challenge! Has to be a first time for everything, right? I have found that I love reading Scottish literature and am looking forward to spending some time there in the future. 2014 will be a decisive year for the Scots, as they are voting on Independence from Britain next year. What better way to celebrate than a reading challenge!

Challenge levels:

Just A Keek (a little look): 1-4 books read
The Highlander: 5-8 books
The Hebridean: 9-12 books
Ben Nevis: 13+ books
Back O’ Beyond: 25+ books


Read and review Scottish books -any genre, any form- written by a Scottish author (by birth or immigration) or about or set in Scotland.

Challenge runs January 1 to December 31, 2014

Books you read may count for other challenges.

You don’t have to have a blog to participate. If you have a blog, post a challenge sign-up and link that post (not your home page) to the links below. Grab a copy of the challenge badge if you want to post it too. If you don’t have a blog let me know in a comment below that you are participating and what level you are aiming for.

Post your review on your blog and link the review to the Read Scotland 2014 Review Page I’ll be putting up the first of the year. If you don’t have a blog and still want to review you can:
1: post a review at any bookseller that allows reviews, and link to it
2: send me a review by email and I will post it here for you.
3: Join the group I started at Goodreads HERE
Or you can also just let us know how your coming along in the comments below the links on the review page.

Here are a few links to start you on your way finding Scottish writers or settings! Don’t forget the new authors James Oswald and A.D. Scott, they didn’t seem to make any of these list!

List of Scottish Writers
100 Best Scottish Books of all Time 
Five New Scottish Writers 
Just Scottish Women Writers
Fantastic Fiction – Scotland Authors
Books From Scotland – Author List
Find a book set in Scotland @ Book Set In…
and the ultimate search site…
Stop, You’re Killing Me!

Don’t forget you can get ‘vintage’ authors books for free often times in ebook form!

I hope you’ll join me!



69 thoughts on “Read Scotland 2014

  1. I must tell you about an Australian novel, set in Scotland that is just brilliant: it's called Elemental by Amanda Curtin and it has some of the most vivid descriptions of the rugged north-eastern coast of Scotland at the turn of the C20th. See my review at where there is also a link to an excerpt so that you can get a taste of Curtin's writing. Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers, Australia


  2. I keep seeing this wonderful challenge of friends' blogs and I simply can't resist it. I'll write a post and link to it later, but my plan is to read books by Scottish women writers. And I'll aim for the Highlander, since I grew up there!
    Jodie (GeraniumCat)


  3. I am signing up too – The Highlander level. I'm so excited! I'm working my way through the M.C. Beaton Hamish McBeth series, so this fits in perfectly. Thanks for hosting this, Peggy Ann!


  4. Absolutely Heather! At our local Irish festival one year there were two young lads selling utility Kilts for the working man! I so enjoyed talking to them and they were gorgeous in theirs. I would have bought my son one for a joke but they were VERY expensive. I think Lee would look good in one! He has the legs for it:)


  5. Hello,
    I had an eye on this challenge ever since the November and the time has come to join in. I'm aiming for the Highlander because I like the sound of the word – not a very good reason, I admit.
    This should be a delightful journey!



  6. Hi Peggy Ann,

    I've been enjoying this lovely challenge so much! I'm upgrading to Ben Nevis as I've just finished my 11th book. Have to admit I've never climbed Ben Nevis, and am never likely to now, but I've been past it many times on my way to the Western Highlands.

    I'm sticking to my self-imposed “extra” for the challenge, and only counting books by women towards it. I've set up a Pinterest board too, called Read Scotland 2014.



  7. This is great. I think I've liked, sometimes loved, every book I've read written by a Scottish author or set in Scotland.

    As of now, I'm in the midst of Denise Mina's latest “The Red Road,” and am bound to read more books by Scottish authors. A few are on my TBR stack. Kate Atkinson doesn't seem to be on lists, but she is a great writer and her newest book “Life After Life” is stirring up discussions all over the blogosphere.

    I just found out about this challenge and website. I don't think I'll join the challenge, as I'm already committed to an ambitious one, but I will read more books set in Scotland and more by its authors.


  8. Kathy, I'm glad you found us! There are so many great Scottish authors. I did see Kate Atkinson on a list of Scottish authors in an article in the Guardian I believe. There is debate over whether writers who were not born in Scotland but living there now should be considered Scottish. For the sake of the challenge I decided to go with by birth or immigration. She was born in England and lives in Scotland now. I plan on doing the challenge again next year so you can join in then! I have Denise Mina's Garnet Hill on my shelf to read this year!


  9. Denise Mina has written three series. Garnethill's trilogy is a favorite of mine and so many other readers.
    Then there was her Paddy Meehan trilogy, which was OK. She seems to have picked up a lot of steam with her Alex Morrow series about a Glasgow police detective who is a tough, smart woman. The End of the Wasp Season is quite a book, more of a psychological/suspense thriller. Gods and Beasts is the next one, and now The Red Road. What can I say about that? It's a mind-blowing book with a few plotlines; one is devastating about the impact of abuse of children. Some of the writing is incredible.


  10. I am a fan of Diana Gabaldon's “Outlander ” series, having read-or rather listened to -them many times over. This week I got the eighth in the series “Written In My Own Heart's Blood” and am off and running to listen to it.


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