Saturday Snapshots

Does this little piggy go to market?

Me, ages and ages ago. My dad had this enlarged a few weeks ago and gave me a copy. Too bad its in black and white. You can’t see my bright red hair! It’s pretty well white now! I love the little patent leather shoes. This was at grandma’s house and the chair is covered in one of those horrible clear plastic covers. Like Everybody Loves Raymond’s mom’s couch!

My favorite show of all time!  Watch full episodes HERE

This post is linked to Saturday Snapshots @West Metro Mommy Reads. Stop over and see what everyone else has shared today or share a pic yourself!


27 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots

  1. That's adorable. The black and white adds to its charm.

    I'm laughing about the plastic cover on the chair. Horrible! My mom had those on the chairs and the couch back in the early 60s. She had them custom made! I do remember her finally taking them off and letting us kids sit on the actual furniture.


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