Wintery Day

Winter Storm Advisory on today here in western Pennsylvania. Started off in the 30’s with rain. Temps dropping thru the day, Snow, 1-2 inches with a wintery mix of snow and ice in the afternoon. So this old girl isn’t going out today! I love a good dreary day at home! Hubby is working a double too, so I have lots and lots of hours of solitude! I don’t even think I’ll get dressed!

Here’s the agenda, finish this..

while I am watching this on the BBC catchup on my computer…

Series 2 Episode 1 of Sherlock Holmes! and then another episode of The Royal on ITV (Medical drama set in the swinging sixties. Rich in humour and tragedy, the show follows the staff and patients of a Yorkshire cottage hospital) and maybe catchup on the last episode of Landward (Scotland’s farming and countryside programme) on the BBC. Ah, Tunnelbear I love you!

Then I’ll curl up with a mug of hot coffee and start reading this book that I just got from Netgalley

Description Here

Eat a bowl of homemade Panera’s potato soup for dinner with a dish of Sweet Cooked Apples! And maybe do a little baking, I’m thinking this or this! And finish out the night waiting for hubby to make his way home on those icy, snowy roads by starting a new puzzle.

Life is good!

Be safe and warm wherever you are,
Peggy Ann


11 thoughts on “Wintery Day

  1. I did, Kelly! Never got dressed, ate potato soup for lunch and spaghetti aioli with crushed red pepper for supper… Never got the ice they called for but did get the snow late. I enjoyed my day in!


  2. Me to Patty! I read the whole book in one day! very good! Ghost story set in Minnesota on Lake Superior with a blizzard all while it was snowing here too! Can't wait for series 3 too. Have to watch series 2 to get caught up though!


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