Murder on Clam Pond by Douglas Kiker

‘Blame it all on MouMou.                 

At least that’s the way Mac McFarland felt. He hated the feisty little poodle almost as much a he hated the wife he’d just left. But there he was, sharing a rented, run-down house with his dog-in the middle of winter, in the middle of Cape Cod. No family, no job – just a burned-out, lonely reporter who used to be one of the best.

Then MouMou found the body, lying in the snow near the back porch of the big house next door…

It was Jane Drexel, very rich and very dead. Murdered, in fact. A detail McFarland learned when he called the police. And when he became a stringer for a Boston paper and was assigned to the case, he learned more – a lot more. Like the secret relationship Mrs. Drexel had with her trustees. Who really controlled the town? How did Mrs. Drexel handle her millions? And, last but not least, who killed Jane Drexel – and why…?’                                                                From back cover

“A tidy, lovely Cape Cod mystery written by a craftsman’s hand…lots of fun to read.”      ~George V. Higgins

“An entertaining murder mystery, with a hero you’ll want to see again.”   
~The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

How right they are! It was a fun read, found myself chuckling many times and I can’t wait to see what McFarland is up to in the second book of this 3 book series! I’ve already ordered it on Paperbackswap!

This book was written in 1986 by Douglas Kiker, an American author and newspaper/television reporter. He was a reporter for the NBC Nightly News. If your interested you can see a short clip of him doing the news here. Too bad for us mystery lovers, he started writing late in life and died the same year the third Mac McFarland Mystery was published.

I wasn’t too impressed when the book first started out, but before I knew it I was hooked on McFarland and loving everything about it. The scraggly old dog, MouMou, the location, the towns people and the solid murder mystery to solve. Get a copy if you can!

Mac MacFarland Mystery series
1. Murder On Clam Pond (1986)
2. Death At the Cut (1988)
3. Death Below Deck (1991)

Peggy Ann

Vintage Mystery Bingo 2014, Mount TBR 2014


2 thoughts on “Murder on Clam Pond by Douglas Kiker

  1. Peggy Ann: I am making a dedicated effort to go back and take a peek at everyone's reviews for the Vintage Challenge. Sorry it's taken me so long to get here.

    This is a new author for me. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled fo ra copy.


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