Teabag Tuesday

My favorite kind of tea is Good Earth’s Sweet and Spicy. How about you? I enjoy the quotes they put on the teabag tab too.

This is my favorite mug to drink it from. Handmade pottery from the Smoky Mountains. My honey got it for me on a trip there. My hands fit so perfectly around it. Adds to the enjoyment of drinking the tea! Do you have a favorite mug too?

This week’s Teabag wisdom is from an unusual person!

‘Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.’  ~Morticia Addams

Remember the Addam’s Family show?! Such fun! Picnics at cemeteries, trap doors, and that wonderful butler Lurch! Carolyn Jones did a wonderful job as Morticia. Although it only ran for 2 seasons it seems to have a cult following. All episodes are available on Netflix.

What I didn’t know until now was that this show started off as a series of cartoons by American cartoonist Charles Addams. They were a satirical inversion of the ideal American family and appeared mostly in The New Yorker.

Charles Addams, cartoonist

If you’ve never heard of them check them out here.

You can watch the first episode here to meet the characters or a full episode can be watched here

‘You Rang Mr. Addams?’ is a great mini documentary about Charles Addams and the beginnings of the family.

WOW, all that from a little teabag!

Peggy Ann


8 thoughts on “Teabag Tuesday

  1. My favorite tea was Jackson's of Piccadilly's Earl Grey—and then they stopped making it! They were bought out by Twining's, which isn't quite as good. My boyfriend tracked some down and bought me a case for my birthday, and I slowly dole it out like it is solid gold. It's the last of an era!


  2. Twining's Darjeeling. I have a teacup collection that is overflowing. I do like the Good Earth tea also, with and without caffeine. I did know about the origin of the Addam's family, but the information about the documentary is interesting.


  3. Tetley's for me. Nothing tastes the same, but you have to be careful about the amount of milk applied. Not too much and it has to be skimmed – half fat or full fat tastes funny.
    If we're talking coffee – black when at work, white at home and a latte if I'm out


  4. I had a very large teacup collection too Tracy, The ladies at church always borrowed it for their annual tea. I kept a few ones I really loved and passed on the rest to make room for cookbooks in my china cupboard though. Sometimes a girlfriend and I drink tea out of the ones left and it always makes it special.


  5. Of course I remember the Addams Family – but who knew Morticia was so profound! I can't say I have a favorite kind of tea because I am a “newbie” to tea drinking in just the last year or so. I will be looking for this brand just for the fun tags.


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