Teabag Tuesday

Today’s teabag wisdom is a quote from Loretta LaRoche. It’s one of my favorites!

‘Life is short. Wear your party pants!’

Loretta is an expert in Stress Management and a very funny lady! I’m glad I got this teabag tag twice it made me go look her up and see just who is this lady.

Meet Loretta…

Check out her blog and be sure to watch her video there on juicy aging!
I am succulent!

Watch more silliness here. This one is where she actually talks about party pants.

Did I get a laugh out of you? Then my job is done. I’m off to buy an Attila the Hun hat.

Peggy Ann


8 thoughts on “Teabag Tuesday

  1. I think Loretta is so funny! I saw her give a talk when I lived in MA (she lived a town or two over). I love her story of how she, her mother, and her grandmother always cut the corner off the roast when they put it in the pan. One day she wondered why they did it and asked her grandmother. She said she had no idea why they did it; she did it because her roasting pan was too small! This is how meaningless traditions get started! 'That's the way we've always done it.'


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