Throwback Thursday

Saw Throwback Thursday on Fox News today. They were showing old pics of each of them. Sounded like a fun idea! I’ve just spent a day sorting through old photos my mom had sent over here so it was perfect timing!

Seeing how Joan over @ Planet Joan just did a post with a pic of her as a kid on a pony I thought these would be suitable!

This is me and my cousin Jimmie and my pony 007. He was a shetland pony. When we first moved to Florida in the mid ’60’s my aunt and her family had horses. They were determined to make me into a cowgirl! Uncle Bud went right out and bought me this pony and a full cowgirl outfit. I must have been around 9-10 I would guess in these photos.

007 was a retired circus pony and he did tricks. I remember he would kneel down and pray. But he also would buck wildly on a certain command too. You can guess, Jimmie would make him buck everytime I got on him to torture me! Eventually I got afraid to even get on him, so that ended me being a cowgirl! It’s a shame cause I would have loved him other than that.

He was very gentle and good around people and small! That was important, being small, you know:) I was not a very brave kid. Of course their old mare Dolly had already bit me on the shoulder and terrified me of horses too!

Another time when I was a little older myself and a girlfriend went for a horse ride, me on my cousin’s horse Shorty. 007 was gone by this time since I wouldn’t ride him! Shorty was a gelding and quite nice. But halfway through our ride he decided it was time to go home and he just turned and ran full speed for home. I dropped the reins and just held on for dear life. Thank goodness he took us straight home and stopped dead at the barn gate! That was it for me and riding horses! I love to look at horses and watch them run, but I’ll leave riding for someone else!

Have any old throwback pics you can share? Maybe next week we can link up!

Peggy Ann


6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Great pictures! I've been looking at pictures too – making myself all weepy over baby pictures of children who are now adults. 🙂 I'll see what I can find to share. I have a picture of my sister and myself on a donkey when we took a vacation to Arizona and Mexico many years ago – but I'm not sure I would let anyone see it. (ugh!!)


  2. What a great post, Peggy, and I love the photos. I could kick your uncle, though, for telling your pony to buck while you were on him! Adults sometimes have the most bizarre sense of humor!


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