Throwback Thursday

Another Thursday is here. Lets ‘throwback’ to my childhood again! On my profile pic you see I have white hair now. It started turning gray about 10 years ago. Check out this little redhead! Too bad its not still that color!

First trip to see Santa!

Fourth grade pic

Me and my brother spinnin’ some tunes
Do you want to participate in Throwback Thursday and post old ‘stuff’ too? Could be a song, book, painting, a TV show or pics, whatever you want.


11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. I think it's so much fun to see what people looked like when they were children. You look very serious in your photos, but I think I see a bit of an imp in your fourth grade picture! I've always hated having my picture taken and so I'm usually making some sort of awful face.


  2. I hate having my pic taken too, Joan! I was a fairly serious child, but your right there is an imp hidden in there. Circumstances at home very rarely let her out though. I love old pics too! See what you started with your cowgirl pic!


  3. Cute pics! You don't look wild about Santa! I actually think a lot of little kids are scared.
    I got my first white hair at 26, and now all the red is gone.


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