Books, Books, and more Books!

This last week was great for new – old book purchases! A trip to Wonder Books in Hagerstown Md. and the Library Book Sale this morning have my shelves once again bulging. I may have to ride along with Katrina to IKEA and get another book shelf!

The ones I’m most excited about finding…

This is a children’s book published in 1936. I got it on a dollar table with a buy 2 get 2 free sale on top of that! It’s in decent condition and when I got home and looked up the author she is Scottish!  Jane Paterson Milne was born in Gourock, in the Lowlands of Scotland and educated at Greenrock Academy & Glasgow University.

‘Harriet G., a wealthy American girl, comes to a traditional English girl’s school. Two schoolmates, Wyn and Judy, believe Harriet is a kidnapper, and try to solve the mystery.’

I read a review for this vintage mystery written in 1934 @ Leaves and Pages and immediately wanted it. To my surprise there it was on the shelf at Wonder Books Used Book Store and only $2.99! The aunt is named Mildred, my mom’s name. And there is also a book by the same author, Death of My Uncle. Now I’m on a hunt for it!
UPDATE: this is not the same book as @ Leaves and Pages! Notice the one word difference in the title..Death of My Aunt VS Murder of My Aunt! Darn! but I did find it on paperbackswap so I have the right one too!

A mystery set in Coolidge Corners Vermont. First in a two book series featuring Police Chief Judd Springfield.

This one I heard about via Julie Bozarth on the Goodreads Read Scotland group. I was so surprised to see it in a free bin at the Library Book Sale today! It is large print but thats okay. Its a tale about an American’s journey in Scotland to find the perfect trained Border Collie for his farm in Virginia. It will count for the Read Scotland 2014 challenge!

This one is set at Niagara Falls between the years of 1915-1923. I’ve been to Niagara many times and never cease to be amazed by the sheer power of it. Can’t wait to get to this one!

Here’s a list of the rest
The Best American Mystery Stories 1999
The Kitchen House-Kathleen Grissom
Rag Doll in the Attic (Annie’s Attic Mysteries) – Jan Fields
A Lost Lady – Willa Cather
La’s Orchestra Saves the World – Alexander McCall Smith
The World According to Bertie – Alexander McCall Smith
The Death of an Irish Sea Wolf – Bartholomew Gill
Winter House – Carol O’Connell
Golden book of Herbs and Spices
Fiona Range – Mary McGarry Morris
Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective – Agatha Christie
Grave Mistake (and two other mysteries: Spinsters in Jeopardy & Overture to Death) – Ngaio Marsh
Safer Than Love – Margery Allingham
A cookbook from our local PBS – QED Cooks
two audio books: Dune Road by Jane Green and Cat’s Eyewitness by Rita Mae Brown

and several children’s books for the grandkids shelf:
Midnight for Charlie Bone – Jenny Nimmo
Animal Feet  and  Animal Weapons both by George Mason
The Summer of the Swans – Betsy Byars
The Tale of Despereaux – Kate DiCamillo
Skippack School – Marguerite de Angeli

If I every get them all read it will be a miracle! I have no idea why I even signed up for Bev’s Mount TBR challenge. I’ll never make it!

Happy Reading
Peggy Ann


3 thoughts on “Books, Books, and more Books!

  1. I'm still wading through books here and defiinitely going to IKEA again soon! I've never even heard of J.P. Milne and she grew up just across the River Clyde from me. That was a great haul and of course the McCall Smiths will count rowards the challenge too.


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