has struck our family.

Oct. 12,1986-Apr. 26,2014

 My husband’s 27 year old niece, Jaime, passed away unexpectedly in her sleep on Saturday, April 26. Jaime had diabetes and didn’t take it seriously enough. She was young and you know how young people can think, it’s not going to happen to me, tomorrow will never come. She didn’t watch what she ate and if she ate too many sweets she would just give herself a shot of insulin. Her sugar jumped up and down on a high swing, up in the 500’s and 200’s! She already had some kidney damage and had had one seizure recently. We’re not sure if she had had another seizure or what. Waiting on the autopsy report, but the coroner said it was definitely related to her diabetes. At the time of her death her sugar was in the 500’s.

Jaime graduated from Youngstown State University. She worked with the disabled at McQuire Homes and loved her job. She was kind and compassionate and had a wicked good sense of humor! She never got the opportunity to marry and have a family.

Diabetes is serious stuff. Please take care of yourself if you have it. Don’t take chances!

We’ll miss you, Jaime, see on the other side.


16 thoughts on “Tragedy…

  1. My condolences to your family. I lost my dear nephew when he was 26. He had a heart attack, not knowing that he had 75% blockage in all his arteries. I can imagine what you are going through, I'm so sorry.


  2. It's so sad and she may have done everything that she should but sometimes diabetes just can't be controlled. My diabetic niece has fallen into a coma twice recently and she is a nurse, she just didn't notice the signs.


  3. Today was Jaime's funeral. It was a nice celebration of a beautiful young woman whom God graciously loaned us for 27 years and left us a legacy of love and grace. Thank you for all your kind words!


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