Frog in the Throat by E.X. Ferrars

Virginia Freer is enjoying a brief holiday at the cottage of old friends Helen and Andrew when her estranged husband Felix comes knocking at the door. Painful memories turn up with the irrepressible Mr. Freer – as does his penchant for prevarication, petty theft and amateur sleuthing. Virginia is suspicious of Felix’s sudden appearance. But she never suspects his lighthearted snooping into the secret sins of a pair of literary sisters, a wealthy widow, a popular poet and a love-struck bachelor will turn so deadly serious…until murder gives Virginia and Felix a FROG IN THE THROAT.

Excellent who dunnit! I especially enjoyed the relationship between Virginia and Felix. You find yourself liking him and rooting for him. A good look into relationships and what we ‘see’ in people and what lies beneath!

Peggy Ann

4 thoughts on “Frog in the Throat by E.X. Ferrars

  1. Peggy, I am working on a post for another book by Elizabeth Ferrars: Skeleton in Search of a Cupboard. There is a series of books by Ferrars with Virginia Freer and Felix. I want to try those too. Glad you liked it. And glad to see that Elizabeth Ferrars counts as a Scottish writer. I did see your earlier post about that.


  2. I love the Virginia and Felix books and wish Ms. Ferrars had written more of them. I too enjoy the relationship between V & F. She seems a bit cold, but you really can't blame her.


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