Cigar Boxes!

Their beautiful and great for keeping things in! I found the really big one at a thrift store and the others were in a bin at JR Cigar the world’s largest cigar store. We stop there every-time we go through North Carolina. It’s a discount tobacco outlet and they sell a little bit of everything. There are 3 locations in NC. My hubby smokes cigars, mostly the small ones, and cigarettes. Nasty habit:( I hate it! I’ve tried to get him to smoke a pipe instead, atleast they smell good. But he always says he’s going to quit. Never last though. Before long he’s back at it. No smoking in my house though! or my car. I’m a meanie!

The smallest one is lined with velvet. Maybe jewelry can go in it? I’ll use one to keep our card games and small games like Farkle in. What sort of things would you keep in them?

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Peggy Ann


6 thoughts on “Cigar Boxes!

  1. I bought a bunch of wooden ones from Amazon—they're a really good deal, and each one is unique when you buy a lot of 12. I use them to store all kinds of stuff, especially in my bathroom closet. I have a few on my desk too, for paper clips and accumulated junk. (One of the boxes says “Hemingway”, and that seemed perfect for the desk!)


  2. Love that one of them says Hemingway! I can't tell what these are made out of they are very sturdy but covered with paper. Feels like balsam wood or something under it.


  3. Lovely boxes, I would store all sorts of things in them, cards, bookmarks, threads, beads. In fact I have boxes here with those things in them, but not cigar boxes. I hate smoking and fags but I love the smell of cigars, it reminds me of my dad at Christmas when he smoked his cigar presents. I wouldn't let anyone smoke in my house either – you are not a meanie!


  4. I wouldn't collect cigar boxes- although the pictures are pretty. I have a number of French chocolate/macaron boxes that I always meant to put things in, but haven't.


  5. I love boxes of all kinds. My late father was a cabinetmaker and the company he worked for made cigar boxes for a customer. I have a couple of the ones he made, as well as others I'v found. I hate clutter, so I love boxes to stash things in.

    Jack and I are both ex-smokers. We quit back in the 1970s. I had bronchitis so bad I could hardly breathe much less smoke and decided this was the time to quit. After I quit, he started smoking a pipe and decided it was too much hassle and quit smoking all together. He has been known to have the occasional cigar, but not even that for quite a while. I'm so glad I didn't have to nag him to stop. Second hand smoke is deadly, so you're not mean, you're concerned about your and your family's health!


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