Million for a Morgue

Crime fiction lovers, have you ever heard of The Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification? I came across this through a tweet by James Oswald. It is a world-leading centre in human identification, forensic anthropology, cranio-facial reconstruction and the study of the human body. It’s located at the University of Dundee in Scotland. It has provided forensic evidence in many high profile cases and is a great resource for identification in major national disasters.

They are planning to expand and build a new morgue to accommodate Thiel embalming and become a Forensic Centre of Excellence. Thiel embalming produces near life like cadavers for medical study and will aid in learning surgical skills and pioneering new surgical procedures and technology.

They are running a campaign to raise 1 million dollars toward this expansion. This is where we crime fiction lovers come in! They are going to name the morgue after a famous crime fiction author. And we can be part of this process! You can vote for the author you like and for every $1 you donate you get a vote. Pretty cool I think! You can also win a full autographed set of Rizzoli and Isle books!

You can also buy this great ‘Killer Cookbook’ and 100% of the proceeds go to the morgue if you purchase it thru this website. The Killer Cookbook is a gory, gritty collection of recipes from the likes of Jeffery Deaver, Peter James, Val McDermid, Stuart MacBride, Mark Billingham and Ian Rankin, edited by Caro Ramsay and illustrated by Steve Carroll. It’s gruesome, it’s twisted, and it also contains the perfect recipe for Mushroom Soup. Perfect gift for your crime fan!

Of course I’m not sure if you can get it shipped outside of the UK. You can get it at Amazon US

Check out the website set up for this campaign and vote for your favorite author!

Peggy Ann


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