‘New’ Books and More

Several ‘new’ books, which for me means old books new to me, recently made their way to my shelves.

From Paperbackswap I finally got Bill Kirton’s Material Evidence! Been looking for this book for awhile! Set in Scotland, first in the Cairnburgh Mystery! 
Also have ‘The Woman Who Walked into the Sea‘ by Mark Douglas-Homes on its way! That’s the second in The Sea Detective series.

On it’s way from Amazon is the third novel in the Treasures on Earth Trilogy by Jessica Stirling. I just reviewed the first book, Treasures on Earth last week. Book 2 is already on my shelf!

At the library on the book sale trolley I found Irish author Roddy Doyle’s A Star Called Henry. I’ve read his The Woman Who Walked into Doors and it was top notch. I’d love to read all of his books eventually. Also Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan, another one I’ve really wanted to read. And Love Me If You Must a Patricia Amble mystery-book 1 by Nicole Young sounded good. I’ve seen the movie The Shipping News but never read the book by Annie Proulx so I grabbed it off the trolley too.

Grand kids are here for 4 days. Yesterday it poured the rain all day and this was what they did most of the morning…

Laid in my bed and watched Shaun the Sheep and OOglies on my iPad. Then we went to great grandma’s and my car gave me trouble while there. Wouldn’t stay running! So it’s at the mechanic’s now 😦 but today is a lovely warm breezy day and they are outside doing this right now…

We’re having a sleep over tonight! Isa’s friend down the street, Shawnee, is staying over. She’s here from breakfast to bedtime anyway. I might be too old for all this rig-a-marole! They want to sleep in the travel trailer, but that means I have to too, hmmm…That’s still in the waiting on an answer pile.

One day they’ll be teenagers and will be too busy for this old gran so I try to enjoy every second of it while it’s here. How much do you want to bet I sleep in the driveway tonight?;)

Peggy Ann

17 thoughts on “‘New’ Books and More

  1. Lovely pics, Peggy. What lovely grandchildren. I get to see mine on Sunday when we all go to a local Chinese restaurant to celebrate a couple of birthdays. You're so right when you say you have to make the most of them while they're interested.


  2. You're very wise to realize that there'll come a time when they have better things to do than stay at Grandma's. My sister brought my three nieces to visit us and sightsee in New England every year until they got to be teenagers and had friends they didn't want to leave for a week, sports to play, all those other things. It got pretty lonely for me after that! I'm betting you sleep in the camper tonight!


  3. Lovely pics very summery. I read The Shipping News years ago and liked it but was slightly underwhelmed having expected to love it. One day I may try again, hope.you love it.


  4. Sounds like you are having a fun weekend. I just finished The Sea Detective and really enjoyed it. I will be interested to see how you like the second book.


  5. We did not sleep in the camper, Joan. The kids didn't mention it again and I didn't push it as it was suppose to storm and we wouldn't be able to have the windows open and having the air on blows fuses in the house. Maybe when they come back in July!


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