Robin Williams


I just can’t get over the news that Robin Williams is dead. Suicide at that. Such a funny man. Just watched the old movie Popeye with my grandkids and they loved him in it. Jumanji is one of their favorites. He was one of a kind. Just breaks my heart that a man who brought so much laughter to so many was so sad himself.

Here a few clips of Robin.

A very young Robin on a Carol Burnett episode. Hilarious!


An excellent interview with Charlie Rose. The Scottish golf routine is on this one.

Jonathan Winters & Robin Williams in Funniest Moments on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show

Serious Australian interview about his addiction and comedy

Robin on Johnny Carson

1986: Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams improvise 

10 Questions for Robin Williams with Time


He will be missed.

Peggy Ann


5 thoughts on “Robin Williams

  1. Same here, Peggy. He was a wonderful actor and was equally good at serious drama and comedy. He brought out spontaneous laughter in you. I liked many of his films including “The Birdcage” where he gets the better of Gene Hackman.


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