The Man in the Queue by Josephine Tey

‘A long line had formed for the standing-room-only section of the Woffington Theatre. Didn’t You Know?, London’s favorite musical comedy for the past two years, was finishing its run at the end of the week. Suddenly, the line began to move, forming a wedge before the open doors as hopeful theatregoers nudged their way forward. But one man, his head sunk down upon his chest, slowly sank to his knees and then, still more slowly, keeled over on his face. Thinking he had fainted, a spectator moved to help, but recoiled in horror from what lay before him: the man in the queue had a small silver dagger neatly plunged into his back. So begins Inspector Alan Grant’s first spectacular case, and it’s up to the dapper detective to discover how murder was committed among so many witnesses, none of whom saw a thing.’

Finally finished this book! Took me long enough. It seemed slow to me, but that might have been because the kids where here and I didn’t get to read much. Or was it because the book was slow and didn’t draw me in so that I wanted to read much? Hmm…

I did like the final chase, it did pick up closer to the solution. I liked the chase in the Highlands of Scotland. I felt like I should have known it involved a certain person, just me being thick, but it seemed like the person that did the dirty deed was snuck in on us and how could we have known. But then, maybe I missed something in the beginning that I should have caught as I was distracted while reading this. Sorry not much of a good review here:)

Good characterization, solid puzzle and nice climatic ending. Only my second Alan Grant book and not really one of my favorites but enjoyable all the same.

Peggy Ann

4 thoughts on “The Man in the Queue by Josephine Tey

  1. I haven't read this one yet, but it sounds like it wasn't quite up to “Daughter of Time” standards. Still, the Alan Grant character is appealing, so I might be willing to give it a go.


  2. I have read all the Tey books twice at different stages in my life. But still I cannot remember details about them. I liked them both times, but maybe they tend to be slow. I am ready to read them again, if I had time.


  3. I liked this book well enough, Peggy Ann, but I didn't love it as I did: THE DAUGHTER OF TIME, A SHILLING FOR CANDLES and BRAT FARRAR. My three favorite Tey novels. To my mind, these are so brilliant that it's a little unfair to compare. 🙂


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