Decisions, Decisions

Awhile back I mentioned we had made a major decision. I’m finally getting around to telling you about it!

Hubby is retiring after 38 years with First Energy. When we first discussed it he was going to go ahead and retire this November. But he would be 59 and after going over the figures with personnel he decided to wait until he turns 60. So November 30, 2015 is the big day! I’m relieved because that gives us more time to plan!

I was very excited at first because being fresh off a vacation to Maine he said we would move there! I’ve always wanted to go there! So I got a book about moving to Maine and we started looking at houses online to get an idea. Not only is it very cold and snowy there in the winter the tax structure in Maine is very high. The cost of houses is fairly high also. So, how much do we really want to live in Maine? High taxes, high heat bills, big mortgage… Not that much. So second choice…

Eastern Tennessee!

My mom’s family is from here. LaFollette, up north of Knoxville. She lived there when my boys were little and it is a wonderful area. Mild winters, low, low property taxes, low home costs, (possibly no mortgage!) no state taxes, beautiful mountains and lakes, the Smoky Mountains! And the people of TN. are so friendly. We can buy a great house for half the cost of one in Maine and pay super low property taxes, I’m talking $500-800 a year!, not shovel snow, have low heat bills and take the travel trailer and spend a month at a time in Maine whenever we want!What is there not to love about this plan?!

I would kinda like to live in LaFollette, but hubby is leaning more towards Jefferson City, Dandridge, Newport, Morrisontown. I circled the general area with a read pencil. So in April we will take the trailer down and camp in a central spot for a week and travel around and check out the different towns and try to determine exactly where. Then we can start looking for a house towards the end of summer.

I’m excited! I’ll be further away from the grandkids is the only drawback:(

So that’s the plan Stan! With a whole year to go though, you know, the best laid plan’s of mice and men…

Peggy Ann


17 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Congratulations!! That's so exciting! My husband is the same age as yours… we're hoping to do a trial run in Florida this winter. I'll go from Jan-April. He'll come back one week a month to make sure things aren't falling apart at the office. Fingers crossed…


  2. Thanks, Diane. One son is close by us now in Ohio but single and talking of moving so he may end up down near us. The other son is married and lives away from us now and we only get to see them a few times a year. He's actually excited about us going to TN. and looking forward to coming down for visits. I might see him more than we do now!


  3. Will you be on Sanibel Island, JoAnn? I grew up in FL. my hubby would have loved to move there but I said no. I'm just not a southern/beach gal. Vacation is okay, but not to live. It sounds exciting for you and your husband though. Quite a change from NY!


  4. Yes, but I'm not sure I could handle it year round… it starts to get too warm for me in May! I walk on the beach every morning and always sit under an umbrella if I'm going to read there. For now we're just thinking about winters.


  5. Sounds so exciting, Peggy. I was originally from Alabama but never spent much time in Tennessee. But I know it is beautiful and I assume has mostly good weather. Even Birmingham gets some storms and very cold weather in the winter sometimes but not like the northerner states.

    My husband and I are committed to staying in Santa Barbara when we retire and that will be a challenge with the cost of living here. It will be years anyway and we are older than you two.


  6. Exciting news Peggy Ann – it's great that you'll be able to stay in the area for a while before deciding exactly where you want to live. Cheers

    PS You could go wild and move to New Zealand!


  7. Fingers crossed that your plans don't 'gang aft agley'! It's exciting and I can't believe how low those taxes are, our council tax is over £2,000 a year. I didn't realise it was LaFolette that your mom lived in. I fancy living in Strawberry Plains, just because of the name. The next year will go in like a flash and I bet D will be glad of that!


  8. Oh this sounds like it will be a wonderful time in your lives, Peggy. You're so fortunate to have hubby to plan with and a new life to look forward to. Eastern Tennessee sounds like just the spot. Low taxes! What's not to love? I hope you find a great house. This is so exciting. Hopefully you'll keep us informed on your house hunts and whatnot when the time comes. HINT!


  9. Strawberry Plains is a pretty name for a town! Our taxes here in Pa. are fairly high. Depending on location, property, age etc. you pay $1,700-$3,000. 14 years ago we were paying $1,700 on the small ranch house we owned then.


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