Guess Where I’m Going?

Yep! My sweet mom left me a little money and I am going to Scotland with it.
Passport is here, new suitcase is purchased, and plane reservations are made!

May 5th is the D(departure)-day! Flying into Edinburgh and staying a whole 4 weeks too! After 2 years(?) of instant chatting, emails and video chatting I am finally going to get to spend time with Katrina and Jack! I can’t wait! They are already family to me.

I’ll also get to spend some time with Alan Jones, Evee @Evee’s Blog and meet James Oswald! Not to mention his sheep and coos!

Everyone of these people I’ve met through blogging and formed wonderful relationships with. If everyone in Scotland is as friendly, caring, funny and kind as these, I may never come home!


16 thoughts on “Guess Where I’m Going?

  1. Having been to Scotland for the first time a month ago I know you will have a wonderful holiday. I also know what your husband is going to miss out on. What a shame. But you have a lovely time! I know you will.


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