Puzzles and Books

It’s finally feeling like winter around here and that means jigsaw puzzle time!
I decided I couldn’t get the puzzles out until I got a couple of big jobs done around the house that I hadn’t had much time to get to this last year. So the windows are washed and the carpets are cleaned and I’m on the second puzzle of the year.

I stocked up over the summer. I love Charles Wysocki puzzles and found ebay is the place to get them! It’s like a treasure hunt every time I get on there! What a thrill when I find an old one with all the pieces and a decent price. We’ve decided to box up the ones we do and keep them for when we get old and then they’ll be like doing new ones again as we’ll have forgotten doing them before;)

We do them in the dining room on the table and it is a little low for me. Kills my back leaning over it so long. So this year I’ve solved the problem!

Bed risers! I put one under each table leg and voila! No more leaning over. Does my dining room look weird? You bet, but who cares! Don’t mind the scratched up table legs. My set is my grandmother’s old maple set and it is 50 years old this year. Its a little worse for the wear and really is in need of being re-done, But we’re not picky here.I have the china closet too. Now full of cookbooks instead of china.

So I haven’t gotten much reading done with a puzzle going. You can find me at the table doing the puzzle and watching River City (a Scottish soap opera) or Grantchester (an English detective drama) on the computer most days. You can see my computer there in the background.

I am slowly working my way through the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn. Excellent book!  I found this great video of Randy speaking on C.S. Lewis on Heaven if your interested!

For pure enjoyment I’m reading Old Dogs by Donna Moore. This one is by a Scottish author and will get me to my challenge level for Read Scotland 2014! Its a humorous crime novel recommended to me by Alan Jones. Ms. Moore has a good website and on her sidebar she has an alphabetical list of Scottish authors! Might come in handy if you are thinking about joining the 2015 challenge!

Well the puzzle is calling to me and A Touch of Frost will be on soon. Talk to you later!

Peggy Ann


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