Free Books! 1 Counts for Read Scotland!

‘The story begins with seven people enjoying a single malt tasting in a distillery on Islay, a small Gaelic-speaking community in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides. Their challenge is to solve the puzzle, “quid est veritas.” One of the group, Caballo Blanco, a re-invented version of the original, has an idea that might unearth answers: to stage a golf tournament and marathon on the island. The golf and marathon are successful but do the seven find the answers?’

file size: 6984    Print size: 175 pages

I received a note from the author, Robert Kroeger, about his new book being offered free on Amazon Kindle January 5-9th (regularly $9.99). I thought maybe someone who likes golf and whisky would like to read it for the Read Scotland 2015 challenge!

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Author’s website

Also this one sounds really good too. Only available free today, January 5th, though.

The Molly Maguires and the Detectives by Allan Pinkerton

  Allan Pinkerton, founder of the first modern American detective agency, published gripping mystery novels based on his organization’s case files.
  Here, Pinkerton sends an agent undercover among unionizing coal miners in a battle against a radical secret society that will change the face of American labor forever.

This event happened here in the state I live in, Pennsylvania. The prison where the Molly Maguiries were executed is now a museum.

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Some interesting sites on the Molly Maguires
The Old Jail Museum
The Molly Maguires: The Life of a Tragic History
A tour of the Jail on Youtube including the infamous handprint!

Peggy Ann


3 thoughts on “Free Books! 1 Counts for Read Scotland!

  1. Hi Peggy, thanks for this post! I found you via The Captive Reader and have nipped in to download a copy of The Secrets Of Islay. Have loved our Scottish travels in the past and hope to get ourselves back there soon. Perhaps this book will be the needed inspiration?

    Happy New Year!


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