A Roam Around the Cemetery

One of the cool places Katrina and Jack took me was a very, very old cemetery in Falkland. Falkland is one of my favorite small villages, and this cemetery is a gem for those of us who love cemeteries! I know I’m weird. Mom said when I was very small I wanted my bedroom painted black! I’ve always wanted to do gravestone rubbings. Have any of you ever done them?

These graves were from the 1600’s and quite ram-shackled. Most all of them had skulls on them.  We were wondering why and thought it might be to scare spirits away but I found online that it was a reminder of death and mortality. In the 1700’s the stone carvers started using more pleasing images. Interested in gravestone symbolism? Check here and here for interesting reading!

We though of you, Tracy, and your collection of books with skulls on the covers!

More of Falkland to come…

Peggy Ann


10 thoughts on “A Roam Around the Cemetery

  1. Until I read this post I had completely forgotten that, shortly after I got out of high school (early 1970s) I did a lot of gravestone rubbings. I have no idea where I heard about it but I remember I used large rough art paper and I think I used crayons to do the rubbings. I also don't know what became of the rubbings I did–they were mostly from graves of family members in my hometown cemetery.

    Your graveyard pictures are wonderful, although a bit too 3D for rubbings!


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