Dumbarton and Glasgow

We took an overnight trip to Dumbarton and then on to Glasgow. Katrina and Jack grew up in Dumbarton. We went by the houses they lived in and saw the school and shopped the high street. Walked around outside Dumbarton Castle. Mary Queen of Scots stayed there while running and hiding for her life. We didn’t go inside. There was some kind of construction going on. There was a whisky distillery in Dumbarton but has been closed down. The empty building is quite lovely I think. There are still storage barns around town with the whisky aging in them.

We stayed overnight near Dumbarton and then moved on to Glasgow the next day…

Streets and streets of tenement bldgs.

Glasgow University peeking above the bridge

Old Old fountain honoring Queen Victoria. Dismantled and moved 3 times as the city grew

Top of the fountain. Queen Victoria

Famous Duke Wellington statue with the cone hat!

Mural on a wall in the shopping district

Pedestrian street, lots of shops

This is the Tolbooth Clock Tower. The oldest structure in Glasgow. Dating back to medieval Glasgow. Check out this wonderful post about it here!

Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Front entrance

Back entrance revolving door. Isn’t it gorgeous? That’s Katrina going in!

This beautiful organ sits in the lobby and they have someone play it periodically.          Going to Glasgow? Be sure and make this one of your stops. Find out what’s going on at the Art Gallery and Museum here

A lovely WWII memorial next to the art gallery
For all you Doctor Who fans… A Tardis box! These police boxes were originally red in Glasgow and painted blue at a later date. They pre-date mobile communications and were used by police like a mini police station. The telephone is located behind a hinged door so it could be accessed from outside. They could easily call for back-up or transport. They would use the inside to write and fill out reports, take meal breaks and even hold prisoners until transport could arrive. Today you might find a coffee kiosk or something in one! I’m so glad they are still there, great local color!
The highlight of the trip to Glasgow was meeting up with my good friend, author Alan Jones, and meeting in person for the first time after a couple of years of email, instant chats and facetime. Because he is writing under a pen-name I can’t show his face and it’s a shame because he is a beautiful man!  And just as lovely a person. We met up at the art gallery and went to lunch and then drove around Glasgow a bit checking out the area’s where his books are set.

 To end the day Jack and Katrina made sure I had fish and chips take out, a pure Scottish experience! We found a parking spot with a river view and dug into the best fish and chips I’ve ever had and we ate it with our fingers!

Peggy Ann


12 thoughts on “Dumbarton and Glasgow

  1. Between this one and your previous post – great photos! Jack and I were at Stirling years ago, but we got there late in the afternoon and didn't take a tour. Even so, it was an impressive place. We didn't go to Glasgow, though, so thanks for taking us along!


  2. Great photos Peggy, and what a shock to see myself going in the revolving door. I used to love doing that when I was wee! Everyone who travels to Scotland should make time to visit Glasgow, it's a great city but suffers from a bad reputation – unfairly.


  3. Peggy, you have me blushing! It was great to meet up with you in person after all the help, advice, and support for my books that you've been so kind to give since I first contacted you about 'The Cabinetmaker'. You're just as nice in real life!


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