Anyone Need to Use the Loo?

We stopped in at the Kirkcaldy library one day and I used the loo while I was there. It was downstairs in the basement and I was amazed to find an old fashioned toilet with the tank up high and a pull chain. The sink was also an old sink with lovely fixtures and it was all in immaculate condition. I had to take a picture! That started me on a loo tour! So many lovely bathrooms in Scotland I just had to take pictures. I know I’m strange:)

Without further adieu anyone want to go to the loo with me?

Kirkcaldy (kirkcaudy, silent L) Library Loo

This one is in The Captain James Lang, a pub owned by J.D. Wetherspoon. We ate dinner here in Dumbarton. The gorgeous red glittering counter tops, blue and white tile and solid wood doors. And a lovely lounge area to rest. It was immaculate and actually won a Loo of the Year award last year!

This stunning loo complete with beautiful blue and white tiles depicting Shakespeare plays was located in the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens on the Glasgow Greens. The Greens is the oldest park in the city dating back to the 15th century. click on the link above to read the history of the park.

Another J.D.Wetherspoon restaurant. This one was in Inverness. Lovely solid wood and streamlined decor made me feel like I was on an ocean liner!

This sign was taped to the inside of the stall door in a public toilet in a wee parking lot in Invermoriston. I got a kick out of it. The last linemade me chuckle.

We can’t forget to include some really old loo’s! This one is at Argyll’s Lodging and would have been used by Lady Argyll. A fancy bedpan basically. This was a closet in her bedroom.

Arygll’s Lodging is in Stirling and is a 17th century town-house with a rich history. Considered one of the most important town-houses of its period in Scotland.

But I’ve saved the best for last. The loo James V might have used. This one was in Linlithgow Palace…

 On the Isle of Bute in Rothesay there is a gorgeous Victorian gentlemen’s loo. The ladies was remodeled over the years but they have preserved the men’s in all it’s Victorian splendor. I did not see it but Alan Jones told me about it. You can see it and read about it here.

That’s it for the loo tour. Hope you had a little fun! Did you remember to wash your hands?

Peggy Ann


13 thoughts on “Anyone Need to Use the Loo?

  1. What a wonderful post, Peggy! Funnily enough an American friend of mine who came to the UK a lot always waxed poetical about our loos too. She thought the UK the best place in the world to go to the loo. Partly because of their originality but also there are so many of them. Loos everywhere. LOL


  2. Glad it gave you a little chuckle Cath! I so appreciated that every town/village seemed to have public loo's unlike here. We have to find a store or something and then sometimes they are for employees only. I should have mentioned that I had to pay 30p at a couple of places to go though!


  3. Loved your post! It's impossible to find a public toilet in the US. We used to have them in the town square of the small town I grew up in. But when they renovated the square, the toilets disappeared. I remember public toilets in Paris in the 1980s that even had attendants. Lovely, clean places, not like the disgusting rest area toilets we have to use here.


  4. The gents' loos in the Wetherspoons were impressive too – and the gents' at Kirkcaldy Library and Art Gallery has wonderful old urinals – I'm sure the stalls have high-up cisterns (tanks) too, and pull chains. At the heritage railway at Bo'ness in West Lothian there is – or was, I haven't been there in years – a sign in the (Victorian era) gents' which reads “Penalty for Neglect 1/-“


  5. I'm now wishing I had gone into the Inverness loos, those ones must surely have almost won the loo of the year. I'm quite public loo phobic as I've had some horrible experiences in them – due to disgusting people, but I'll keep an eye open for unusual ones for you, so you can visit them next time!


  6. Years ago (I go back *many* years) it used to cost one old penny to use our public loos. Hence the term 'spending a penny'. Then women started to protest that it was free for men so why did women have to pay? So payment was abolished… I thought… but if you had to pay 30p then maybe it hasn't completely gone. Interesting. It certainly quite rare to be paying these days.


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