Cabbage Stew

Mom use to make Cabbage Stew all the time in her pressure cooker when I was growing up. I didn’t like it then. Now its one of my favorites. I have her old Mirro pressure cooker. The seal was old and brittle so I searched around online and found replacement parts for it at Pressure Cooker Outlet! So we are cooking again!

I’ve always been afraid of the pressure cooker. My aunts exploded once. What a mess. So my hubby and I are quite funny cooking with it but I’m getting use to it and feeling more comfortable each time.

An easy peasy delicious dinner in 10 minutes. Try it sometime!

Cabbage Stew

One pound of breakfast sausage in patties  (we use Jimmy Dean, yum!)
Potatoes peeled and quarterd
one large can of tomatoes
cabbage wedges

brown the sausage in the pan

Add potato and tomatoes, you can crush them with your hands if you want.

top with cabbage wedges

cook on high 10-12 minutes!

Fresh bread and butter and happy tummy!


3 thoughts on “Cabbage Stew

  1. I used to cook with a pressure cooker and I was always scared of it too. My mother cooked with one a lot when I was young and living at home. Trying this in a slow cooker sounds good.


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