Just some lovely doors…mostly in Falkland Scotland

 Can’t make up my mind which of these two blue doors I like the best!

Door at The Abbey Church at Dunfermline. Dating back to 1072

St Ternan’s Church, Arbuthnott. Dedicated in 1242. Lewis Grassic Gibbon is buried here.

Linlithgow Palace
These two have marriage stone lintels. They have the initials of the husband and wife with the year they were married. They were very popular until Victorian times and acted as a record of the marriage. I think they are so cool. There are a lot of them around Scotland.
CK and MN married in 1750

DS and ES married in 1763

Don’t forget to close the door on your way out!

Peggy Ann


14 thoughts on “Doors

  1. We have made it just over the border into Scotland! A tiny village called Foulden which is very pretty.

    I enjoyed looking at your doors and didn't know about the marriage lintels. What a wonderful idea to commemorate the occasion.

    We wandered Berwick Upon Tweed, just back into England, yesterday and I saw another door you might like. The photo is on this post: and I hope it gets sensitively restored.


  2. I love the doors. Want a turquoise or red one! Wonder how my landlord would feel about that; all of our apartment doors are painted boring brown. Wonder how a bright turquoise door would sit with him.


  3. I've never heard of marriage lintels. Fascinating. If it's written in stone, maybe it's an incentive to stay married and to make sure you make the right choice of mate! The photos of doors are lovely. I also like that many houses seem to have names.


  4. Peggy, I think the post just above is spam! I love all these doors, and am particularly fond of the marriage lintels. Such a good idea. Our front and side doors are painted in what we call Tomie dePaola colors! Turquoise and two shades of purple.


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