Balvaird Castle

On a lovely clear day we stopped off at Balvaird Castle in Fife. What a treat! We had it all to ourselves. Of course we couldn’t go inside the tower as it was closed, but having it to ourselves was worth it! It looked like the tower might be open to the public one weekend a month in the summer, but we weren’t sure. There’s a long tree lined drive to walk up to it giving spectacular views of it as you approach and it sits on top of a hill and there are gorgeous views all around from there. This is not a royal castle, but was a private residence, built in the 1500’s. Read all about the castle’s history and construction here.

view from the back. There were cows down in the dips.

view from the front. Sheep on the hill

some ruins next to the castle.


5 thoughts on “Balvaird Castle

  1. So beautiful, Peggy Ann! I'm just starting to think about planning for our trip to rural England and Scotland late next year, so I'm going to have to study your posts about your trip closely… Thanks for sharing them.


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