A Rose is a Rose is a Virginia Rose in Maine

Lots of wildflowers in Maine. We missed the Lupines by a month. I never get there early enough in the year for the fields of wild Lupine. But I did get some seed off of some this time and will see how it does in my beds. Look here to see some images of them.

Along the shore it is covered with Virginia Rose or Rosa Virginiana. It’s a beautiful wild flower. I was not aware until I started looking around for info on this lovely seaside plant that you can use the rose hips from it for tea and many other edible things. Next year I’ll pick some of it too! Click on the link above to learn more about the plant.

These are the fruit or rose hips. They will turn bright red and then they are edible. Later in August probably they will be ready.

Sumac is another flowering plant that is prolific here. Gorgeous tight spires of red!

Wild Morning Glories wrap themselves around the Rose
No idea what this one is but thought it was a cool shot with the light behind it!

Caught the bee in action!

These grew along the rocky edges of the cliffs
Eastern Red Cedar aka Juniperus virginiana

something interesting here! Paul is an arborist so we are always picking his brain about trees and plants

fields of small black-eyed daisies

I didn’t get a lot of different flowers as we really didn’t go many places just enjoyed staying at the lake most of the time. But Maine has gorgeous wildflowers and if you are so inclined you can check out the varieties here.

I forgot to add this in on the post about Portland Head Lighthouse and thought it was an interesting subject so I’m throwing it in here…

This plaque is at the lighthouse. This submarine chaser was hit and sank by a German U-boat in 1945 just two weeks before VE-Day. There was much confusion over the reason it sank and what the Navy record showed. Did the men get their purple hearts or not?  You can read about it here.

Peggy Ann

4 thoughts on “A Rose is a Rose is a Virginia Rose in Maine

  1. I think your tall yellow-flowered, fuzzy-leaved plant might be mullein. We had that growing around us in Massachusetts. I love all the wild flowers, too. You really did miss something when you missed the lupins. They're gorgeous. Just another reason for you to go back!


  2. I was going to say – it's verbascum , but Joan beat me to it, just a different name. I meant to say that I've noticed some patches of lupins by roadsides here. I don't know if they were planted on purpose or they just self-seeded. Great photos, as ever. As kids we made itching powder from the inside of those rosehips!


  3. I was just going to write 'mullein' when I saw Joan's comment. That was a great, creative picture! I love it when plants intertwine like the morning glory and the rose. Right now I have perennial sweet peas tangling around my forsythia. I'll post pictures soon. We tried lupine seeds for years and years and finally transplanted some from a friend and they really took off. Our whole hill is covered now. I think it is wonderful that you travel with your son and family.


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