Margaret Oliphant

Project Gutenberg just posted a new book, It was a Lover and His Lass by Mrs. Oliphant. Which sent me on a search to find out what the book was about. In that search I found a fantastic website for fans of her. I though some of you might be interested. She is from Scotland so her books will count for Read Scotland!!! She was a prolific writer too. I’m looking forward to reading some of her traditional novels. Starting with this one.

I have read a couple of her ghost stories. In a book I read years ago one of the characters was reading The Library Window and was discussing it and I had to find a copy to read! Found it was in A Story of the Seen and Unseen. I found a reprint and paid $25 for it. So excited to finally get to read this story. Sadly when the book came A Library Window had been omitted! Oh well, it’s still a lovely book and and I have since found The Library Window online to read and it didn’t cost a dime. Figures!

The Margaret Oliphant Fiction Collection. Divided into sections, Novels, Short Fiction, All Fiction, Series, and Themes you can access most all of her works if not all. There is also a link to a forum for her.

She had a difficult life, her husband dying young and 3 of her 6 children dying in infancy. She lost her three remaining children before her own death at 69 in1897. You can read about her life here. Or you can read her autobiography here. To view her portrait in the National Portrait Gallery click here.

Have you read anything by her? What? What did you think? Hope you get a chance to read something by her!

Peggy Ann


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