It Could Happen to You by Isla Dewar

Rowan has always cherished an ambition to travel. She didn’t just leave the small Scottish town where she grew up; she fled from it as fast as she could. Now she’s become expert at metropolitan living; she could walk by a million faces and not notice any of them. and her dream is almost within her grasp.

When Rowan does start packing her bags, she has to find room for one very unexpected item. And she’s headed not for exotic shores but back to Scotland. There, she feels at first like nothing more than a source of good gossip. But as she discovers that no on is quite who she thought they were, Rowan begins to see that home could be where she’ll find what she was looking for after all…

This story delves into how we might not ‘see’ the whole picture when we look into other people’s lives. Their circumstances and they themselves might not be what we perceive. Speaks to wishing we had someone-else’s life or family or job.  When Rowan comes home from being in the ‘big city’  those preconceived ideas start quite a few little ripples in the fabric of life in the village and everyone’s lives are changed.  

I liked Rowan and I liked Ms. Dewar’s writing. This is the first book I’ve read by her. I picked it up while I was in Scotland. I’ll be looking for more! 

**Having trouble with the desktop computer. Keep getting the ‘blue screen of death’ as I’ve seen it referred to online. So far I’ve managed to get it back up and running but it eventually goes back to the blue screen. So I guess a new one is in the cards. Going away camping again though so it will have to wait. If you don’t hear from me for awhile it’s computer issues. 

Peggy Ann 

2 thoughts on “It Could Happen to You by Isla Dewar

  1. By coincidence I have her book Two Kinds of Wonderful from the library at the moment. I haven't read anything by Isla yet so I'm really looking forward to it. I hope you don't have to get a new computer.


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