Wildfire at Midnight by Mary Stewart

Back of my copy of book:
Gianetta is hoping for a tranquil interlude on the Isle of Skye. Bruised by divorce from her writer husband, she seeks solace in the island’s savage beauty. But a vicious murder throws the community into confusion – and then her ex-husband arrives…

from Goodreads:
Midnight on Skye: a young crofter’s daughter is cruelly and ritually murdered on the bleak Scottish mountainside. Very soon Gianetta Brooke, a guest at the deceptively idyllic Camasunary Hotel nearby, finds herself tangled in a web of rising fear and suspicion. When she discovers that her ex-husband has booked into the same hotel, the peaceful holiday for which she had hoped takes on quite another complexion.

This Mary Stewart mystery was written in 1956. A good solid mystery with lots of wonderful characters and suspects. The lovely setting of Skye and rock climbing. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Ms. Stewart was born in England but lived many years in Scotland and this story is set in Scotland so this one counts for Read Scotland 2015. That brings me up to 15. 10 more to go!
What was your favorite Mary Stewart?
Peggy Ann

4 thoughts on “Wildfire at Midnight by Mary Stewart

  1. This is one of my favorite Mary Stewart books. I love her interesting settings in many of her books. I've also loved This Rough Magic, The Gabriel Hounds, and Touch Not The Cat. Oh and Airs Above The Ground. I first read her books when I was a teenager and have loved them ever since (and that was a long, long time ago).


  2. Kay I've only read this one and Rose cottage which I enjoyed also. I have The Ivy Tree on the shelf, a gift from Katrina over at Pining for the West. I would love to get and read all her gothic romances. I'm not really a fantasy reader so will skip the Merlin Series. My granddaughter might like them when she gets a year or two older!


  3. I think I read all the Mary Stewarts my library had once upon a time when I was pretty young. In truth, I remember loving her gothic romances, but I don't remember which one was my very favorite. though NINE COACHES WAITING comes close.


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