Jonesborough – Books and Storytelling

The weekend we were in Tennessee, Jonesborough had their annual Library Sale! How lucky was that! They had it in a HUGE white tent on the lawn. It was full of books. I felt like I was going to a book circus! I found some excellent old books. Four of them were Scottish writers.

My biggest treasure of the day was the A.J. Cronin book, A Song of Six Pence. I had just ordered The Citadel from Amazon. Never dreamed of finding him at the library sale! The clerk at The Book Lovers Warehouse said they have some of his books too but I didn’t get a chance to look there, just a whiz through the mysteries. Another time. I also got a D.E. Stevenson Book, Anna and Her Daughters and an E.X. Ferrar mystery, Thy Brother Death. It’s missing from the photo because I am reading it at the moment. Also picked up an Isabel Dalhousie book, The Right Attitude to Rain by Alexander McCall Smith.

Another one I was especially thrilled about was a Miss Read book, Gossip from Thrush Green. I’ve been collecting her books, but have yet to read one! I guess I am not really a book blogger in the sense that I give lots of reviews, I just buy lots of books! I can’t help it, I am totally smitten with an old book much like some gals are with diamonds or shoes. They make the house cozy.

The top two books on that stack I picked up at The Book Lovers Warehouse.

The big white tent was used the following weekend for some big do with the Storytellers. The girl in the library said the whole town shuts down for it Thursday-Saturday. Schools even out. Jonesborough is the Storyteller Capitol of the world and has an International Storytelling Center and museum there. Each week May through October they have a line up of 26 storytellers. Storytelling Live! performers represent the finest talent available in the world of storytelling. I can’t wait until next year and then I will be able to go!

Peggy Ann


8 thoughts on “Jonesborough – Books and Storytelling

  1. Oh, don't you just love those old bindings, like on Anna and Her Daughters? And the old library markings. I've culled out most of my old books – my eyes don't like the small print – but, I love looking at them. It's like shoes. I don't wear high heels anymore, but I still love looking at them. LOL


  2. Great stack of books! I know what you mean about blogging. I want to stay in touch with other readers, but as soon as I finish a book, I pick up another. I often don't want to take the time to post about it because blogging takes away from reading time.
    Our friend Jay O'Callahan, a professional storyteller, has been featured at Jonesborough many times. It sounds like a lot of fun.


  3. I'm sure you are going to love living in that area. What a great haul of books. I read that Cronin book about 40 odd years ago, can't remember what it's about but I must have enjoyed it as I went on to read more of his. Of course he was a local doctor and author from Dumbarton.


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