Thunder on the Right by Mary Stewart

A tense, fast-moving novel set in the Pyrenees. Jennifer Silver looks forward to meeting her cousin at Gavarnie, but on arrival she finds that she has vanished. There is evidence that she is dead, but Jennifer refuses to believe it.

Very taunt suspense in the lovely Pyrenees. Jennifer goes to meet her cousin at a convent where she is considering taking her vows after the death of her husband. When she gets there she is told her cousin has died following a terrible car accident. She is shown her grave. But the things those who nursed her before her death are saying just don’t describe Gillian. For one thing she never mentioned her family or told them her cousin was expected and to notify her. And then there are the blue gentians that they say were her favorite flower, she so loved the blue color. Gillian had a rare form of color-blindness!

Then there’s Dona Francisca, in her black habit with her red ruby medallion. Or is she really a nun? If not why does she seem to run the place? Where did all the expensive treasures around the small church come from? How could this small, impoverished convent afford such things? And why does the Reverend Mother not seem to know about them? What is Dona Francisca up to? And what lengths will she go to, to protect whatever it is?

An old flame from Jennifer’s past shows up in town just in the nick of time. Will he be able to help her figure out what really happened to Gillian? A wonderful, tense, climactic ending, with a race up a rough mountain in a terrible storm. Is Gillian really alive? If so will they save her? Who lives and who dies in the made race against time in the raging storm?  Will the boy get the girl? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Peggy Ann

6 thoughts on “Thunder on the Right by Mary Stewart

  1. I have only read one of Mary Stewart's books which was Rose Cottage. I really enjoyed it and have been keeping my eyes open for more titles by her. This one sounds good, too, so thanks for the post.


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