Found Gold @ the Charity Shop

We took a drive up to Morristown to Home Depot the other day. We just needed to get out of the house for awhile. We picked up paint and a few odds and ends to finish up the last two bedrooms, ate supper out and stopped in at a couple of charity shops we passed. One is called Karm and it is the cleanest, best organized I’ve ever been in. I think there are several of them in the East TN area. Anyway, I had just had a terrible fright the day before…

I had carried a big bag with a comforter set in it into Walmart with me to match it with paint. I also had my purse, both on the same arm. I usually always carry a shoulder strap one so I have it over my body and won’t ‘lose’ it in the store. Had my wallet stolen once and that did it! But not this time. I had changed purses and was using a soft, small Sak purse I hadn’t used in ages, tiny strap. I sat it down, with the big bag full of comforter, on the floor by my feet while I looked at doormats. I needed both hands to dig down in the pile. When I got the mat I wanted I grabbed the white bag and not my purse! I noticed it wasn’t on my arm within 5 mins. and ran back retracing my steps – NO PURSE! Darn I had just got my driver’s license too.. I had quite a lot of cash in it too, a big no-no. I raced to the service desk knowing in my heart of hearts I could kiss that money goodbye. While we waited for them to check the camera footage in that aisle here came a big burly manager carrying my tiny purse. I hugged him! A nice older lady brought it to him he said. Everything was still inside!! How blessed can you get! Of course Bossman was so angry with me!!!! Needless to say I had a migraine by the end of the day. So all that to say…

With purses on my brain, I sashayed over to the purses at the charity shop first thing (like I need another one!) and there was this gorgeous BIG shoulder strap crossover that I couldn’t possibly lose, right?! It was like absolutely brand new! Soft, leathery, lots of room for my book, iPad… It was only $12.97 so I said what the heck and bought it. Never heard of the brand before so when I got home I looked it up and was I surprised to see it is a very expensive brand!  Izzy and Ali.  Looking at the purses on their website, the size purse I got for  $13 would have cost me around $169 new!! Don’t those kinds of things just make your week! Almost as good as finding that hard to find old book in a dusty used bookstore!

How about you, any good finds lately?

Peggy Ann


7 thoughts on “Found Gold @ the Charity Shop

  1. I was admiring your bag but thinking that I couldn't have one because it was leather (and I'm a vegan). But I looked at the link you provided and I found that their products are high end and cruelty free! Wonderful! A beautiful bag and nothing died for it. I love the color on yours. You're so lucky to have found it at such a discount. I need to go shopping with you!


  2. Thanks, Katrina! The chair was an old old one we got from a co-worker out of her dad's barn in CT. eons ago and refinished it. My ex's mom did the caning. Its one of my favorite pieces and no one is allowed to sit in it except me!


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